What do you do for abs? 

I get this question all the time so today’s post will be dedicated completely to you my dear abs.

1) Abs really are made in the kitchen, it’s not just something we fitblrs say to spout out some typical fittie thing. It’s fact. For abs to be visible you need a certain body fat %: Women around 16-20% and Men around 10-14% (this is vague and there is not official figure as everyone is different) 

That comes from a healthy diet mainly! It’s incredibly irritating to be exercising daily, doing a stupid amount of sit ups and sweating buckets but still not seeing any progress around your abdomen. Exercise plays a part OF COURSE but diet is über important and until you get your diet balanced and healthy you won’t be seeing any real progress. 

Another thing I’m asked all the time: What do you eat on a daily basis? 

i don’t eat the same thing daily so this will be extremely vague, somedays i eat more, some days less… i listen to my body and how hungry/bored i am. I DO NOT EAT THIS EVERY DAY, HEALTHY NEEDS TO BE FULL OF FLAVOUR AND VARIETY TO BE FUN.. if you eat the same “meal plan fast track diet bulllcrap” daily you will get bored and fed up and it wouldn’t be a lifestyle that’s sustainable, it would be a diet and ALL diets suck. period. 

  • breakfast: Mugcake (see previous posts) or omelette 
  • lunch: fish & steamed veg or salad 
  • dinner: sweet potato, veg and protein 
  • dessert: clean treat desserts (see all my previous an upcoming posts) 
  • snacks (3 a day): nuts, fruit, quest bars, boiled eggs, raw veg, fruit, rice cake and avocado… 


now that i’ve addressed the diet side roughly let’s talk about some of MY personal favourite abs exercises. Now i am not a certified trainer, i don’t have any qualifications and I’m sorry if i name these wrong or whatever. These are what i do, it’s simply free advice from someone passionate about health and fitness… 

  • TRX exercises: side plank, suspended crunches, suspended Vs, planks, suspended mountain climbers (if you don’t know what they are please google them and i promise a video of each move ASAP) 
  • inclined sit up holding dumbbell weight 
  • leg raises on a bench
  • scissors
  • russian twist holding weight 
  • abs barbell rollout on knees or from standing 
  • side crunches 
  • balances with bosu ball
  • plank on stability ball 
  • reverse crunches 
  • abs tuck with stability ball 
  • V ups 
  • toe touches 
  • wall sit with weight 

I like incorporate weights into as many of these as i can to further push myself.


I do one cardio day a week of 1 hour steady cardio and all other workouts i warm up with 15 mins HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the bike, stair master or treadmill. 

Bike: 20 seconds intensely fast biking followed by 40 seconds of recovery pace. 

Stairmaster: i use the pre made settings of intervals then i skip a step, do kick backs and sprints

treadmill: 45 seconds high speed sprints, 15 seconds jump off and recover before jumping back on and repeating 

I train abs 2 times a week combined with circuits and arms training….

yah thats about it… 

much love x

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